These days I don’t really go around giving talks at conferences. This is partly because of family (my kids are young) and work (annoying to miss teaching days). More recently, the pandemic has me staying put.

Even if I’m at home, I love having conversations. Here are some podcasts that have had me on over the past few years. I feel lucky to been able to chat with such fantastic hosts:

Here is the recording of a talk I gave at the Global Math Department titled “Why Kids Learn From Examples (and Why Other Times They Don’t)”:

The summer before my book came out, I gave a talk at the virtual reserachED conference that covers some similar territory, but focuses more on self-explanation:

Teaching Math with Examples, and How Face-to-Face and Online Classrooms Differ

This talk is from way back in 2015. I’m fond of it, though it doesn’t represent my current thinking on problem solving, feedback, or hints.

Michael Pershan, “Why Our Hints Don’t Help” from Shadow Con on Vimeo.

During that same conference I also gave a talk on teaching complex numbers with an emphasis on their geometry. I’m still fond of that one too, though it wasn’t recorded. The slides and resources can still be found here.