Michael Pershan


This is the web home of Michael Pershan. Professionally, I'm a math teacher who reads and writes. Most of my presence on the web is writing about teaching and education, broadly defined, but I write about other things too.

I have a habit of starting (and stopping) blogs. My first blog (2011 - 2015) about teaching was Rational Expressions. My blog about math mistakes is (get ready) MathMistakes.org. My current home for writing about teaching is Teaching With Problems.

As you can tell, I'm a big believer in blogs. Increasingly, though, I've felt the need to make a distinction between writing that I want to be read as a more-or-less completed "piece," versus stuff that is sketchier, and more like the beginning of a thought than it's completion. If you have a taste for unfinished thoughts, questions, excerpts from reading, etc., you might like my Rough Draft Talk blog, hosted on this site.

(And then there are two other blogs that pre-date my professional life. Seriously, I have a blogging problem.)